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Our Not So Perfect (But Special) Wedding Day

The day has finally come. I got married to the man of my dreams! After delaying the wedding until 2019 and changing the date around multiple times, we finally decided to have a courthouse wedding on November 30th, 2018. We invited only our closest family members and had an intimate dinner reception after the ceremony. Our wedding day was overwhelming to say the least. My now husband and I spent the morning picking up my cousin from her house so she could spend the day with us and attend the wedding that night. I underestimated how quickly the day would go by. The wedding ceremony was supposed to be around 3:30 p.m., and we spent the beginning of that day running around doing last minute errands such as picking up the wedding cake and going to the venue to make sure it was set up for the dinner that night. When we finally got back to the house to get ready, it was around 1:45 p.m. I still had to take a shower, attempt to do my hair and makeup, and get last minute things together for

New Year's Resolutions

I can't believe January is almost over! It seems as though time goes by much quicker the older you get. I was hoping the beginning of January would last forever since I wasn't ready to go back to school, but here I am attending my first week of school for spring semester.

I realized today that I always hear people talk about their New Year's resolutions that they want to follow in the new year, but I have never been one to make goals or resolutions just because a year ends and a new one begins. However, the beginning of a new year seems like the perfect time to think about how to improve yourself not only for the year but for a long time after that. There are many things that I personally want to focus on this year.

1. Not skipping meals. I'm someone that can go the whole day without eating. I've lost over 20 pounds since I've started college which definitely is not a good thing. I've gotten so caught up in volunteering and getting school work done that I forget to feed myself. Eating balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day is so important to keep your brain and body functioning properly. Packing snacks like fresh fruit, nuts, or granola bars (that have few ingredients) can be eaten throughout the day to hold you over until your next meal.

2. Getting back into fitness. I have really been lacking on this aspect of my life lately. I recently cancelled my gym membership since I haven't had time to go lately. I've gotten so out of the groove of going to the gym that I don't feel comfortable going back. It's important to realize that the gym is just one place where you can get active. I love being outside, walking my boyfriend's dog, and running on trails; I would much rather participate in these activities than go to the gym.

3. Going to bed earlier. I'm a night owl. I find that I get the most motivated and inspired to do things late at night. Am I the only one?! For example, I won't want to clean or do homework all day but right when it hits midnight I'll be running around getting everything done. This was fine to do during my winter break but now that I'm back in school and have morning classes I'd really like to get my sleep schedule back on track.

4. Expressing creativity more frequently. I'm someone that loves painting, coloring, reading, writing, etc. Not only are these activities entertaining but they are also therapeutic. Coloring while listening to music is one of my favorite things to do when I'm stressed. It's good to take time away from your busy life and do things that are slower paced. Writing in my journal has also been a great way to relax and get out my feelings. It's also fun to look back on what you wrote during certain points in your life.

5. Saving money. This is a big goal for my boyfriend and me this year. We're not big money spenders in the first place but it's crazy to see how small purchases add up. Being more conscious of your spending is important, especially when you're a broke college student who needs money to pay for school and a place to live. One thing that my boyfriend and I have been doing lately is picking up change when we find it laying around. Most people seem to ignore change that's laying on the ground, especially pennies, but it definitely adds up! Once we accumulate enough change we roll it in rollers and then take it to the bank.

6. Changing my mindset and enjoying life. I haven't been very positive lately, and my boyfriend doesn't let that go unnoticed. Sometimes it's hard to stay positive but taking life day by day and doing little things that make you happy will help turn things around. I'm always in a much better mood when I grab a coffee in the morning and have time to sit down and read or write. Life should be enjoyed, so don't be afraid to take time for yourself.

Feel free to comment if you made any New Year's resolutions or have any goals for this new year! I hope 2018 is the best year yet! Until next time... :)


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