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Our Not So Perfect (But Special) Wedding Day

The day has finally come. I got married to the man of my dreams! After delaying the wedding until 2019 and changing the date around multiple times, we finally decided to have a courthouse wedding on November 30th, 2018. We invited only our closest family members and had an intimate dinner reception after the ceremony. Our wedding day was overwhelming to say the least. My now husband and I spent the morning picking up my cousin from her house so she could spend the day with us and attend the wedding that night. I underestimated how quickly the day would go by. The wedding ceremony was supposed to be around 3:30 p.m., and we spent the beginning of that day running around doing last minute errands such as picking up the wedding cake and going to the venue to make sure it was set up for the dinner that night. When we finally got back to the house to get ready, it was around 1:45 p.m. I still had to take a shower, attempt to do my hair and makeup, and get last minute things together for

A Day in Temecula, CA

This past Monday, my boyfriend and I decided to make a trip over to Old Town Temecula to grab some coffee and walk around the cute little shops. I've been here a couple of times but I don't often take time to walk around the shops; I'm usually just grabbing a coffee or something for lunch.

The first thing we did was make a stop at "The Press Espresso," which is a cute little coffee shop behind some buildings in Old Town. It's easy to miss if you aren't on the search for it. My favorite drink there is a honey lavender latte; I usually get it hot but I got it iced today, and it was just as delicious. My boyfriend got an Ethiopian pour over and wasn't too happy with it. They hardly filled his cup, they took forever to make it, and he said the coffee tasted like Folgers. I apparently had a much better experience than he did! The atmosphere of this small coffee shop is what keeps me coming back. It's such a cute little place with unique furniture and plants hanging outside. If it weren't for the environment I would've just stuck to my Starbucks coffee which is much cheaper.

After we grabbed coffee we walked around and found a cute bridge that we walked across. I didn't really get any good pictures of it but it was rather beautiful. The shops that we stopped in were pretty interesting. They were a few vintage/antique shops that had things from coins to creepy dolls to old tools; my boyfriend loved looking at the coins and I enjoyed looking at the vintage telephones and teapots. I love pieces that have history to them; they captivate me.

We didn't end up eating anything while we were here since all of the restaurants are expensive. We ended up going to Olive Garden instead and got the lunch specials, which ended up being pretty cheap. Overall, it was great getting out of the house. For anyone that lives near Temecula and hasn't been to Old Town, I would recommend going and spending a couple of hours there even if you aren't planning on buying anything.


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