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How We Met & My Engagement Story

It's true! I'm engaged!! This may come as a surprise to many of you that have me on social media since I haven't posted much about my relationship, but we have been together for a good amount of time now.

How we met!

So basically, I have lived in the same house with my parents my entire life. This house is all I've ever known. Yes, I do currently live in LA part time but do still go back home a lot. I have seen people constantly move in and out of the houses surrounding mine. One day, about five years ago, I got new neighbors directly across the street from my house. They ended up being my fiancĂ©, Carlos, and his family! Although they have been my neighbors for more than five years,  I never really ended up talking to them until a little more than a year ago. They always seemed very nice and would wave at my family when we saw them outside. I always secretly thought my neighbor was cute, but I knew nothing about him; he seemed so mysterious to me.

Things changed near th…

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